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  1. Yes, I shoot handheld very often. Auto-ND is a dream for filming docs, especially when moving in and out of places with diffierent lighting while having to film continuously. For example I filmed the street protests in Korea, with tight spaces and people always touching you and and your gear. Super happy to just have the FS5 with a wireless microphone on the correspondent, and not having to worry about all that fiddly stuff. The handgrip is great. I film with the Sony BUP60 batteries and they hold forever. XLR jacks are great and strong. When the camera is in my bag, I pull it out, switch it on, and film. When I work with a tripod I do most of the things manually, and then you're right, the difference to a GH4 is not that big. I the end it depends on what you're filming, but for my case, the FS5 is the perfect package, and I'd never ever switch back to something mirrorless/DSLR as my main camera.
  2. I bought an FS5 after experiencing excatly all the troubles you have listed. I do not regret. For what I do (mostly journalism, news, some feature stuff) the FS5 is a dream: Small, easy to handle, no need for any accessories except a good microphone.
  3. Nothing in spam, sent email two or three times. Also sent you Facebook message, tweeted at you and sent you a forum message. No response
  4. I have not received any email, though I bought the original guide. How to proceed, Andrew?
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