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  1. I've been hearing about it, as a part of GH6's specs and was wondering how much better is it, rather than shooting normal 16:9. I know the Alexa and Red cameras have it as well. What are your thoughts? How much do you use it? Also, what other cameras have it?
  2. As years go by, I seriously seem to love this camera even more. I've worked with plenty of cameras over the years, like many Gh5, A7iii, Bmpcc 6k, Ursa Mini, Eos R, etc and despite it's difficulties, at the end of the day, I always come back to it. The quality of the images, and the ease of use - in terms of editing - in Prores 422 (as I prefer to use it), is just magical. Newer entries like GH6, make me curious, but I still believe the BMMCC can easily be an a cam for narrative work. And this topic makes me realize it even more.
  3. I know there are differences on the two versions, but what are these optically? I have the chance to buy a V1 on a price below 1600$ was wondering if it is worth it, for filmmaking (on the Bmpcc 6k). I already have the Summicron R 35mm. Also, how would you think they compare versus Sigma 18-35mm 1.8?
  4. Because I already have been using a Variable ND, V mount which I also planned to use with the Pro and external monitor, also never use evf - and was thinking of putting the extra money on a Leica R 19mm that I ve found. Also in a very attractive price. I thought it would be good to sacrifice the Pro for that (can't buy both the Pro and the lens due to budget restrictions)
  5. I guess Ill be getting the Pocket 6k, and save up (instead of going for the Pro), with an extra lens or equipment (extra lights, better mics, etc). Thank you for your replies
  6. Now, in 2021, that Pocket 6k/4k/6k Pro are out and in smaller prices than bigger cinema cameras, does cameras like Ursa Mini 4.6k (have a chance to buy it fully rigged for the same cost as a Pocket 6k) worth it as an a-cam for Narratives and Commercial work? Or could it be more of a hassle due to size, file sizes and low light performance? I can't shake the feeling that it is more Alexa like, regarding image quality, but modern sensors might worth it more nowadays. What's your take?
  7. Great, thanks for your input. I appreciate it. You have some really valid points there and have given me a lot to think about.
  8. Thank you for the reply, I'm mostly one man crew. Never use gimbal, rarely a tripod and much more prefer handheld. I never shoot interviews or events, just narrative and fashion. Low light is something I also think about, but a Sigma 18-35mm I thought would be enough in decent light (if I were to go with the 4.6k). To me, size, low light performance and B-Raw are the pros of the bmpcc4k, but for narratives especially, having not used either, I believe the Ursa could be better suited (maybe)
  9. I have found a good deal, to buy the original Ursa Mini 4.6k (non-pro), with Ursa shoulder mount, ssd mount, battery, etc for 1700$. Everything barely used. I already have a BMMCC and consider keeping it as a B-cam. My question is, does it worth it to buy the Ursa Mini 4.6k package or go for a used Pocket 6k (will cost a bit more)? What are your opinions? I mainly use my gear for narratives and fashion films. All this modern gear acquisition syndrome thing has me thinking a lot.
  10. I was wondering if I could use the Blackmagic Micro Cinema or Pocket with the Atomos Ninja 2 - only as monitor (with focus peaking, etc) - not as an external recorder, so I could film in raw.
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