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  1. Thanks Jonpais, I just sent Rose an e-mail with video... has anyone had any experience with the Ikan DS1? I'm pretty desperate to get something before friday night. Thanks
  2. So I just received my Zhiyun gimbal and i'm not sure if I received a defective unit or I'm just doing it completely wrong. The batteries I received were not wrapped in plastic, a video I watched had the batteries in plastic wrap, on top of that the batteries did not come fully charged. -Mounted my a7 II and balanced it (35mm 2.8) -Fully charged batteries and put them in -Held the button and it just kind of did a micro jerk and stopped as if it tries to give it power and then stops. -Held the joy stick button down and it seemed to work for 5 seconds and all of a sudden it loses power I would have this exact luck as I have a trip to Asia in two days.. ANY feedback on what is hopefully my own fault rather than a defective unit. THANKS!
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