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  1. Hi guys, After randomly prodding around the menu system, I finally found the source of my agony. Setting the Rec Trigger to anything other than HDMI Flag enabled 4K recording. My foolish mistake into thinking the GX85 would behave like the GH4 in using timecode for record trigger. Thanks for allowing me to air my problems here nonetheless. Beats letting the frustration fester inside. But now I have gotta find a way to remotely trigger recording.
  2. Minor update to this issue: I have since verified that independently, the GX85 and the Pix E5 work with 4K just fine. I connected the recorder to the output of my Intensity Pro 4K and recorded 3840x2160 footage from one of my Resolve projects without issue (10bit 422 Prores HQ rushes). Then connected the GX85 to the input of the Intensity Pro and recorded 3840x2160 feed using Media Express. Afterwhich I used the same 5M HDMI cable to connect the camera and the recorder only to see the GX85 downscale the feed to 1080p once again. Blimey. This is driving me nuts but I'll hang in there for a while. Again thanks in advance for whatever advice.
  3. Hi, I am an avid reader of this forum. Signed up because I faced an issue with my gx85 and would appreciate you guys helping me with this. I just got a pix e5 for external recording but the gx85 always insists on down-scaling 4K to 1080p (confirmed by both the notification on the gx85 whenever I connect the recorder via hdmi and the recorder states the input is 1080p). I use to own a gh4 and disabling the down-scaling was a trivial affair. However, I have tried but failed to find a menu setting that allows me to do just that on the gx85. "TV connection" seems like the ticket but it does not contain a disable downscale option. Even went as far as checking to ensure all tele modes and filters are off but to no avail. Thing is when I engage playback on the gx85, the input magically turns to 4k and I can record the 4K playback of an internally shot 4K footage. This confirms that the HDMI cable is working. Firmware version: 1.1 @Andrew Reid perhaps you can fill me in on how you got yours to work with the BM 4K VA? All advice is welcome and much appreciated.
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