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  1. I thought of getting replacement from China, but I ended up returning it. Shipping to China from US is expensive and delivery took about 20 days. I bought Came TV Optimus and Sony a6300 for the gimbal, I'm happy with my choice.
  2. I upgraded firmware using the mobile app. Firmware is now v1.50, it was 1.48. Also upgraded BLE in the app to 1.0.9, I'm not sure what BLE mean.
  3. I will try the wrist brace. I think long handle is uncomfortable for extended usage. I tried with Nikon 28mm f1.8 lens, but same jitteriness in the video. I rebalanced the payload multiple times with no luck. Here is the dropbox link of my test footage. Also motors are making squeaking sound running overtime when going in and out of inverted mode. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ahuvry1ogiodiin/Zhiyun_Crane_Test.mp4?dl=0
  4. I received crane yesterday, I mounted Nikon D750 and 50mm f1.8 lens on it. Total payload is less than 1000gm. I'm still seeing minor jitters in the footage, it is nauseating to watch the video. Also remote is not turning on, bluetooth led is flashing and not staying on as mentioned in the manual. Those are not the only issues I'm seeing, the long handle is stressing my arm even for a slight usage of 10 mins and D750 fits so close to the motor I dont see a way to change SD card or battery without dismounting the camera.
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