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  1. I meant the base Sony F5. Add to the fact that you can only get the higher bitrate options with the external recorder and the camera does not come with any power/monitor options out of the box. The 4k is also a optional license add on. I agree the camera was released at a time much earlier than the c300 mark ii. However Im just going by their numbers. The internal 4k can only be done with a add on firmware license purchase. The dynamic range number is the one that I'm quoting from Sony's own website. The c300 mark ii was confirmed to have 15 stops via a reputable third party. Though 15 vs 14 is not that much difference. The f5/f55 are great cameras, however I think Sony might have had a misstep by not offering 4k internal right off the bat for the F5.
  2. As someone who has just bought a c300 mark 2 and is the owner of two c100s, I second Tom's comments. The sony camera's have failed to deliver a shooter experience let alone a image quality I desire. One has to realize that the c300 mark 2 was never competing with the fs7 but the F5 and F55. The F5 that still retails for over 16k, has no internal 4k, no 12 bit 4444, and one stop lower in dynamic range. So compared to that, the c300 mark ii is quite a steal even at the same price. Canon was always aiming for the Sony F5/F55 line during their C300 Mark ii development process. However, Sony's release of the fs7 wasn't ever based on a real product strategy. Which company would release the two lower priced prosumer products that have a wealth of features that there entry level Pro camera could not do without a pricey firmware update. Sony has shown a resurgence in the last two years with the A7 line by throwing the entire kitchen sink at the problem of slumping sales. We as the consumers have benefited greatly from this. However, as a videographer/cinematographer that needs gear to provide a living for me (www.kyalla.co), these cameras though feature rich lack great image quality. 4k is overrated when compared to skin tones, color science, ergonomics, etc. Though I think there is many areas that Canon needs to improve in (overcrank), I do think they have been taking the right approach of focusing on image quality, ergonomics, build construction, and color.
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