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  1. I get what you are saying, and I think you are right. But as a working professional I am much more interested in having a camera that I know is going to be supported by the manufacturer, and that is just going to work. Canon seems to be much more concerned about having well built, well rounded, fully functional cameras even at the expense of not pushing the specs forward to what the competition is offering. And they are right to do so, because there is a market for that.
  2. But we can all agree that the A7Rii is not without its faults right? Every camera Canon has produced for the best 4 years at least gets launched with yawns and general hate from the online community, however still end up being best sellers (and not just because people are blind fanboys). The cameras just work and the footage/stills they produce look good. It happened with the 5d3 and the C100 and the best example was probably the C300. That camera was launched at the same time as the Red Scarlet. On paper the Scarlet destroyed that camera, however the C300 became the most rented camera of
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