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  1. Don.... thanks for getting back to me! So, just to make sure I'm understanding correctly.... Playback or scrubbing (or are you saying they're the same thing?) is completely CPU based and the faster the clock speed the better? My older 3770K runs at 3.5GHz.... even the top-of-the-line 6950X runs only at 3.0GHz. I really am not a moron (well, don't ask my wife!) but I would assume the new chip would be better. I'm sure it's totally different, but windows 10 can play the 4K files at full speed and resolution with absolutely no problems at all -- it's only premiere that chokes.... and not just on a timeline... it'll stutter if I'm just playing the clip. I'm just worried about buying a new CPU/Motherboard and finding I'm still stuck with stuttering on plain and simple 4K playback. CPU's are generally not returnable. I don't mind spending $2700 on new gear but I want to be sure it's going to solve my problem before I do.
  2. Don, I am also struggling (badly) with PPro (currently the latest version 2015.3) and 4K XAVC-S files from my A7s-II. I get stuttering during playback on PPro timeline (or even just playing a clip off the timeline), even without effects. But it's not constant. It'll play then just start stuttering. If I stop then start the timeline, it'll smooth out for a bit then start stuttering again. If I add Lumetri then it will slightly stutter all the time. I have a GTX970 4GB GPU. I know that's a decent video card. My CPU is a little old... it's an Intel I7 3770K. I have 32GB of RAM. PPro and all it's mediacache files reside on two different SSDs. The XAVC files are on a WD Black 6TB drives (but I tried putting all the XAVC stuff on SSD and the stuttering wasn't any better). I am to the point where I HATE editing. It's so frustrating that I have to keep stopping and restarting playback. Might sound flaky, but it interrupts my creative thinking when I can't watch the whole thing at one time! I also do not want to transcode my XAVC into another format. If I open task manager I can see my CPU is pegged at 100% when I playback. I want to enjoy editing again! :-) I was thinking of buying a new motherboard with the latest 6950X CPU and getting 64GB of RAM. I think the video card is still good and I've heard that going from a 970 to a 1080 only yields about a 10% improvement. Any help or advice would be sincerely appreciated! Thanks! Stacy
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