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  1. Thanks John! Yes, Adding noise was a totally aesthetic choice, I wanted a little rough look for this video. I also own a GH4 and I pleased to say that Panasonic has improve the color a lot in the GX80, the yellowness of the GH4 natural profile has gone. In my opinion the GX80 has a more pleasant and organic tone. I also notice a huge improvement in terms of noise in dark areas and in underexposed images, I believe that It was the weakest point in GH4. Until now, I am very happy with this little monster, I would like to keep on making more test and comparisons between GX80 and GH4.
  2. Thanks Michael! I used the GH4 Natural Profile, KD P400 Ptra, film color 90% and film grain 30%.
  3. Hi, I´m Javier and I´m the autor of this video, sorry my English is so bad!!. I am very grateful for the nice comments. I love this forum, I have learnt a lot about filmmaking for years as a follower of EOSHD. Talking about the video, in camera setting was Natural Profile all parameters -3 noises reduction -2, i-dynamic and i-resolution OFF. A few shots in 4k and the rest of them 1080 50p for slow motion. Everything was shot hand-held. It was edited in Final Cut Pro X, I applied post-stabilization in a couple of shots, I don't remember which of them. The primary color correction of each shot was made in this program too with color correction tool and finally I applied film convert plugin in a adjustment layer to all the video. Greetings to all you, and thanks again, nice to be here!
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