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  1. I noticed on another thread the recommendation to switch the Renderer to Mercury - OpenCL (from CUDA). I now can playback native great on my Mac! My plan now is to edit natively and then export a media managed sequence with clips with handles in ProRes422. (I'm assuming I can do that in Premiere) And use those ProRes clips for FX and color. Unless someone sees a flaw in my workflow I'm not seeing.
  2. Thanks for this thread. New to Premiere, coming from FCPX. Is this EditReady transcode process the way most are doing it on a Mac? And are the ProRes422LT files your new masters when going to finish? I'm assuming this method is not a proxy method where you would re-link back to original media at the end. My main concern is final image quality. Shot a short on A7sii in S-Log3 at high iso and the quality is great, but I would be willing to sacrifice ease of edit and storage space if it meant maintaining any sort or advantage on the image in the final product. I'm just scared of transcoding to something and treating those files as my new masters only to find out at the end I would have had less macroblocking if I just edited natively. Thanks for any advice!
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