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  1. Andrew thank you for you words as always. What do you think about the 850 over or under the D5? I've been using Nikon since D90 days. However for video I've been on the GH bandwagons. Have been offered an deal on a D5? I have a huge stock of Nikon glass and wonder if it's better to go with the D5 with any firmware updates or less money on two Gh5s? Thoughts?
  2. It's only cloudy wide open. I reset the lens to the b4 adapter and to be honest it seems to be working fine now. This lens doesn't have a doubler. I don't know where to get one if it needed it or not.
  3. Do you still have the 35 lens?
  4. Has anyone encountered this setup/lens before? I bought this at a antique store for cheap. Thought I'd give it a try. It's very "distorted" in the highlights or "cloudy". I tried to shoot with UV filter and then with ND's still there. Anyone come across this and what did they do to get rid? Is there a reliable post function? If it can work it'd be a good "eng" type lens for some of the documentary shooting we do.
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