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  1. Side note but what's the maker of that tilting hotshoe connector you have on the gx85? Seems very handy.
  2. So is the VA4k fan quieter then the VAhd? I have tested a VAhd unit and it had the mentioned whine also. Haven't seen he 4K model yet. (And it doesn't matter but it's Video Assist, not View Assist )
  3. Ok I see now. The point was lost from the start, because my problem is that I need the mic on the rig because I can't put it on the subject. And specificly the question was can I even do that with the VA humming in the rig. You just derailed the whole discussion with the "why" rant that was never needed. I know that a singer should have the mic by her mouth and not up her... But it's all good. Except that now I have already missed half of the Ger-Pol football game. I'm off...
  4. Yes, grownups. Just saying look how much Greg helped with just a few short words.
  5. You are even still doing it. Instead of writing a bashing of 100 words you could have just commented on the Oly recorder suggestion, recommended something if it's shit and added that if you can, put the recorder on the subject. Ta da. A lot more helpful and freaking nice.
  6. Ok, so I assume that the internal mic on the gx85 can't be used if the VA is near the camera as in your pic. Bummer. i have very little experience with audio setups for video and I wonder what I should do to solve this with the gx85+VA combo. Maybe buy a separate audio recorder like the Olympus LS-P2? But would that also pic up the VA noise if it was in the same rig with it?
  7. Thanks for the info and picture Greg. The setup looks very promising. What would you say are the cons on this kind of setup? Obviously the hdmi plugin right on the handle is a bit of a bummer for handheld shooting. What about the VA fan, does the camera mic pic up the noise it makes? Also how bad is the fan sound? Some people have complained that their VA makes a high pitch whine that ruins recording in a quieter setting.
  8. Has anyone tried GX80 with the BM video assist 5inch model? I have been thinking of getting that combo but i´m unsure how well they work together. The idea is to use the VA as a monitor for filming 4K but can the 5inch model even monitor the 4K feed? The GX80 manual says that there is a setting for adjusting what resolution the HDMI feed is but i´m unsure if this means that the camera is able to do incamera downscale of the 4K to 1080p? It could also be just a setting for playback mode.
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