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  1. From day 1 of the 1DC crop or not crop and MJPEG choice is a processing power/ speed/heat problem more than anything I guess, the processor on the the 1DX/1DC were specialised to process jpeg that is why it uses record in Mjpeg to reduce R&D cost and processing power. Similarly using a cropped recording output, the data need much less reprocessing like the sony( less overheat less battery usage) If I guess from what I see on the 1DX2, I will say Dual CFcard, 4K RAW internal/external, 5K/6K internal MJPEG, C-log will be something they can easily put in with minimal R&D and minor Ha
  2. Does the newer H5D not have live view and 4K already? I do not see anything special or difficult about taking the mirror out of a MF camera that is capable of live view . Or did I miss something? 50MP ? Is it not old technology? Or do u think Hassablade will sell it to u cheap, or the size is going to be small because it is mirror less?. Actually have H5D sort out its 4K recording problem yet?
  3. I own the 1DC since they have available stock for the general public, a second hand at around US$3k is sure worth buying. I the results may be even better than the ursa 4.6
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