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  1. Wow, thanks for the extra photos. What was the lens that you used for the rear element? I like your approach, even if it sounds like a lot of trial and error would be involved. ; ) I recently recalibrate the rear element on my 16F to get it sharper, the required adjustments are very very small. so I suspect the slight blur on the right side of your photos are due to the alignment (not the rotation, but the z-space alignment) - or do you see this as symmetric in the uncropped output? Using the Cinelux as the front element makes sense to me. I find mine pretty super sharp - I typically pair it with the Canon 100mm Macro as the macro lenses have longer focus throw - which is also why manual lenses are great as taking lenses... Btw, Did you have to cut the cinelux? (I haven't taken mine apart so not sure if that's just the front).
  2. Very cool stuff, so you merged together a Canon EF 40mm STM and a Cinelux ES 2x and now you have a working FF autofocus setup? How did you manage to align all of the elements so precisely, I'm guessing this is more involved than a it seems. Did you need any specialist gear or was it all done by hand? Are you going to post instructions or a tear down so that others can try it out too?
  3. HI Marcel, I'm interested in the kit if it's still for sale, I've send you a PM to ask about shipping costs outside europe. Thanks.
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