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  1. May I contact the new owner in case if would like to sell it again? Desperately looking for a MFT mount D16 or just the MFT mount. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Is you kinotehnik lcdvfe still for sale? I am located in Berlin, Germany. Where is the product located? Thank you. Eric.
  3. Hi, Is your d16 still for sale? I'm based in Berlin, Germany. Please let me know. Thx. regards, Eric
  4. periferic

    TRUMP +1DC + F35

    HI Sam, I am an owner of a Sony F35 and I'm looking for a set-up like the one in your post: odyssey 7q attachement, baseplate with 15mm rods, handles... Is it yours? Where did you get it? Thank you. Eric.
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