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  1. Metabones Canon EF to E mount adaptor (mark IV) in super condition. (I only used it a couple of times.) Complete with original packaging (Box, inner case, caps etc) £200 - Location is London, so could post at cost or perhaps meet some where central if you're London based. Reply below or drop me a message through this site if you're interested.
  2. I actually agree with you. I used the term fear in more of we've completely screwed up with people's perception of us sort of sense than a fear that we'll go bust next year. It'll be interesting just how quickly they do sort a 'just-enough' machine out.
  3. I have the rx100v and love it. But as Hanriverprod suggests on its own it doesn't feel very durable in tough conditions. If you're dealing with water / humidity / mud etc perhaps consider some sort of housing? The sony rx100 in a housing still won't be massive. Ikelite have launched some cut down cheaper housings (called action housings I think) which might be what you need? Link here. These sort of things do often have a limit on what controls you can use though.
  4. Interesting article on Macrumors - link... Also: Hmmm... Despite those fabulousIy amazing MacBookPro sales we were being lectured recently about by Schiller do I smell a hint of fear?
  5. Sure, fair comment - I'm not trying to say its a bad machine but it's also a balance of usability / cost. When I specc'ed one up (16gb ram, 1tb drive, slightly better processor and video) I think I was looking at something a bit north of £3,000.
  6. This is really welcome as I've been using Apple computers for work since 1989 and for the first time since a rough patch in the early 90s I've been seriously beginning to wonder about moving away from them. During that time I shudder to think how machines I've bought. There's been some real lemons (an Apple IIvx was probably one of my worst ever computer purchases) but also more than enough wonderful machines that paid for themselves many times over. However, its becoming obvious though that under Tim Cook that they've become a relatively risk averse mobile phone company to whom computers have
  7. I think its really hard to 'un-learn' such long standing lessons. Its almost as if experience can be a handicap these days. I suspect the problem with Canon is culture and Sony is able to make that up as they go along as they're a new entrant. I also suspect that Sony doesn't have lots of 'wise heads' cautioning against the cardinal sin of competing with themselves. (Would anyone else be comfortable at having 4 versions of their flagship compact on sale at all at once - even I'm a bit confused by that?) But in this age of near perfect customer information offering such an a la carte approach (
  8. Canon's attitude can be mystifying to people like myself, however, I do wonder if Canon's years of accumulated wisdom are holding them back. One thing that that often isn't mentioned is the trauma that film point and shoots put the industry through in the early 90's. A little anecdote below might be relevant to where this seemingly odd attitude has come from. My brother got a sales job at just this time with a big Japanese DSLR manufacturer (I won't say who but it wasn't Canon) just as all the companies were introducing point and shoots. Development was frenetic and for the customer very
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