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  1. Has anyone seen the Anamorphot 40 in the wild? Can't seem to find it available for sale yet.
  2. Another interesting anamorphic option for the LS-300.... the new SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33x - 40 MFT adapter announced this week is specifically designed to work with their HyperPrime CINE 25mm T0.95 III lens. Guessing the price for both will be around $1200 US when the new adapter is available. Based on user comments I read, the previous Anamorphot was optimal with 50mm lens and ok at 35mm. This gives a bit wider view at 25mm and hopefully sharpness isn't compromised too much if the adapter was developed for this particular lens. Looking to pick up the LS-300 myself and test th
  3. I'm curious to know what the LS-300 sensor coverage would be using the new SLR Magic 2x 50mm CINE anamorphic MFT lens. Unlike the PL Mount lens which start around $6K, the MFT lens are $2.6K for the 35mm and $3K for the 50mm and 70mm in the US. The PL lens are intended for S35 and FF sensors (35mm and 50mm/70mm respectively) whereas the MFT are for S16 and 4/3rds sensors (again 35mm and 50mm/70mm respectively). Just wonder what the aspect ratio of the 50mm MFT anamorphic used on the LS-300 would be when de-squeezed. If it's anywhere near 2:35:1, I'd love to see JVC add a de-squeeze int
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