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  1. So my 6D is great for what it is. Im really craving some 4k and seriously thinking of betting the G7 as kinda a hold over until 5DIV is announced, and even at that point I can use this as a back up. As much as I love my 6D, it doesnt excite me to go out and film with it. The thought of using the G7 for strickly 4k video excites me. And the B&H price with $100 is pretty awesome right now. 

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Def going to get some IS lenses. Coming from photography, the video looks ok. It probably looks better to me only because its my family. To others probably not good at all. Id like to get to that point where I came make it look more cinematic. I like the shallow dof, but focus seems to be an issue with moving targets (kids) You can def tell the shakiness, also some out of focus scenes where my little guy is running around. I bought a used Glidecam HD2000 last night. 

  3. Let me start by saying I have NEVER turned my 6D on video mode until yesterday. I know, it shows! And never touched Adobe premiere until last night with a free trial. That shows too. Here are my questions.

    -How do I continuous focus on moving subjects ( 4 year old) I know the 70D has a touch focus, but other than manual focus (turning ring/follow focus) its pretty impossible?

    -I shot in 1080p in camera at 30fps. When i started a new project in Premiere I just did everything default. Exported finished product how ever Premiere does it to a folder of my choice. I uploaded it to Vimeo and it looks pretty bad. What did I do wrong?


      Heres the video I'm referring too. Shot with 6D and 35L II





    Here is the default new project screenshot



    Here is the export screenshot


  4. Wish I could bring more to the table than just questions, but looking for a decent video lens for around town/house/family videos. Will be mostly handheld. I have a canon 6D. Is Image Stabilization a must

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