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  1. Let me start by saying I have NEVER turned my 6D on video mode until yesterday. I know, it shows! And never touched Adobe premiere until last night with a free trial. That shows too. Here are my questions.

    -How do I continuous focus on moving subjects ( 4 year old) I know the 70D has a touch focus, but other than manual focus (turning ring/follow focus) its pretty impossible?

    -I shot in 1080p in camera at 30fps. When i started a new project in Premiere I just did everything default. Exported finished product how ever Premiere does it to a folder of my choice. I uploaded it to Vimeo and it looks pretty bad. What did I do wrong?


      Heres the video I'm referring too. Shot with 6D and 35L II





    Here is the default new project screenshot



    Here is the export screenshot


  2. Wish I could bring more to the table than just questions, but looking for a decent video lens for around town/house/family videos. Will be mostly handheld. I have a canon 6D. Is Image Stabilization a must

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