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  1. sorry for my question, I don't want to defend canon, I don't understand the comparison. In the videos, I see all images sharper with 80D -> please, tell me if the labels are inverted ? because in the still image posted under, the canon is shown at left and in the video, at right. The lemon is sharper, the leaves, etc... I don't thin it is a subjective thought, or it is possible that I don't see the good details. I see also a big difference on the depth of field (due to lens?). for example, at 1:32, difficult to say that sony is sharper ? or I don't know how to compare precisely. idem in the footage of the lemons ?
  2. Hello, Sorry i don t understand the comparison ! I look at the video one, two , many times and for me the canon 80 footage is clearly better ! The canon footage is at right ??? And 6300 at left in the video ? Because in the still image they seem to be inverted ? Thanks for yourprecisions.
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