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  1. Hi Tupp, Of course, i mean view each individual frame... Not the folder.. I have been using the BMPCC the last two years.. But seems to be the RAW 3:1 dng files that are not possible to view except with Resolve. My OS is El Capitán...
  2. Guys i have the problem that Mac OS doesnt recognize the dng files of the BMMCC, so the only way to see the files is with Resolve.. They appear black on Mac OS. Not even Photoshop or After Effects can open them.. Is anybody else having these issue? Ah, Just realized that it only happens with the RAW 3:1
  3. I wrote to Zacuto and they answered that the EVF Pro will never work for 60p due to hardware limitations.. Such a nice product but limited.. They suggest me the gratical hd or the z.. But no thank you.. I think i will go with the cineroid EVF4CHE
  4. I think the Zacuto EVF doesnt work on 50-60p.. But it works with 24,25,30p.. I have been researching a bit, and it happens also to GH4 users.. The zacuto even in works in 4k 24p underscaled but not 1080 60p So sad man.. I am thinking to sell mine and get a Cineroid EVF4CHE (hdmi version) If anybody else knows another nice option for evf that supports from 24p to 60p.. I would like to hear about it
  5. Pfff.. I can´t believe the Zacuto does not support 60p.. It was a perfect combination.. That broke my heart.. For what i have heard other EVF´s like the Cineroid does support 1080/60p
  6. Thanks @bats_rock. That´s nice¡ I like the idea of using a compressed raw.. I mean i don´t mind..
  7. So.. RAW 60fps is possible? Anybody knows anything about that? I asked to blackmagic but they didnt answer yet.. I can´t wait to get one of these babies
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