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  1. I think one of the most amazing things about the NX1 is how powerful it is. It's taking a 6.5k signal and downscaling that in real time. Imagine the possibilities. You know what I would love to see? I would love some super slow mo action at 1080, 720, etc. If you take out the downscaling and just record to the buffer you should be able to record some limited, but very high speed footage. Think about it.. 6.5k gives you 18 times the amount of info that 720p does. If the NX1 can shoot at 120 fps at 1080, that would give you roughly 2000 fps at 720p. And even more if you are willing to go down to 480p. Now I know this would heat things up a little, bit but but just limit the recording to 5 seconds or something. The NX1 can take 25 raw images which works out to quite a bit of footage at lower resolution. This could be on of the most revolutionary things to happen in cinematography. The only other camera that gets anywhere near this is something that I stumbled across called the "edgertronic" thats still will run you around $5k. People could get the ability to shoot in several thousands fps for under a grand. Just think about it.
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