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  1. Has anyone here had their NX1 or Nx500 serviced by a very helpful and easy to talk to service centre ? I had a positive experience with a German centre, but they were very slow to answer questions, it took weeks.
  2. @outerbeat lexar professional 633x class 10 u3 4k random 4kib write 5.232, read 1.182 4k q1t1 random write 4.310 read 1.196 so I would like to know if 85MB/s write and 65MB/s read is enough for these quality hacks. 520Mbps is flying along, right ?
  3. lexar professional 633x class 10 u3 read speed 85MB/s write speed 65Mb/s which is 520Mbps i
  4. @outerbeat what should test count and test size be set at in crystaldiskmark ?
  5. Just checked camera memoryspeed.com, it clocks the lexar 633x u3 at 49 megabytes per second, which equals 392mbps. im on an nx500 whats the max speed on it now with the bitrate hack ?
  6. Hi outerbeat, what makes you think the lexar is not such a good option ?
  7. It is very clear what a mighty achievement you have, and how cool your Hacks are Vasile. They are mega cool. I am in awe. Also Kudos to you, and to Otto, for being so level headed throughout these developments. Vaga's suggestion is also v exciting. 120fps in decent quality would be another groundbreaking event. for Nx500 owners who like doing slo-mo, it would be a game changer.
  8. so I was blindly searching the the nx500 armv7l file and found these terms; in a drime5 folder. probably unrelated, but thought I should post in case its relevant to noise reduction in nx500 /* IPP - Image Post Processing */ #define DRM_DRIME5_IPP_GET_PROPERTY 0x30 #define DRM_DRIME5_IPP_SET_PROPERTY 0x31 #define DRM_DRIME5_IPP_QUEUE_BUF 0x32 #define DRM_DRIME5_IPP_CMD_CTRL
  9. I'm liking the idea mentioned in another thread, of a physical start stop remote for recording video. For when the record button is just too far away.
  10. I've pledged. The modders are fantastic people. lets help them. Remember they are putting their own time into this. Perhaps those who were enthusiastic about giving donations, at the top and throughout this thread, would like to help .
  11. Can I just start by saying a massive thank you to Otto k for the work he has done on the NX500, Massive thanks also to vasile, you guys are so clever and talented. And well done to everyone looking at the different sections of code, interpreting them for us, and creating this hacking scene. Props to everyone who tests out the hacks and reports back. So .... Can we prioritise what we hope the guys will achive with the NX500 hacks. Maybe someone knows how to make a poll. I know this most probobly wont affect how the guys work, but it might be interesting to find out. Following it here and dpreview is riveting . I'm checking the forums all day, everyday. I'm hoping for ....... better slomo in 1080, and for vasile to make his announcment in due course.
  12. Hi Andrew, This site is magic, Do you think we could have a sub forum for Nx500 activity, to keep it separate, or should we go ahead and post in the Nx1 area ? Keep on keepin on
  13. Hi There, I feel the need to show my appreciation for the very good work being done by Otto K and Chang. The buzz is fantastic. Well done guys. cant wait to see where this goes next.
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