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  1. At 5 seconds into the 1st clip in Andrew's article, you can see "fluttering" focus as the SUV first comes into focus. I saw another example of this fluttering focus in another short a6300 clip (I will try to find this clip) on Youtube that was demonstrating the AF. That concerns me a bit. I have never seen this kind of AF behaviour with the 70D/7D MK II dual pixel AF. It is a shame the the video quality is otherwise so poor in these canon cameras compared to what they could be. Hopefully the 5D IV (or whatever it is called) will have higher quality video to go along with the dual pixel AF. Back to how do you pull focus on the a6300. There is no joystick. In continuous AF with face detection on how do you jump from one face to another. (I know you can reframe to center one particular face and press the button in the center of the dial to lock on to a face but this means reframing every time you want to change which face to track-not ideal).
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