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  1. I totally like the idea, but i think the current Gh4 is already a winner. I just did a shoot (i make commercials for a living), with the camera with a speedbooster, and a pix recorder on prores LT in 4k, using the v-log profile. I did some lowlight tests and with any lens faster than f2.0, and with the speedbooster xl, i see absolutely no need to go above iso 800. Its a tool, and a very good and cheap one, with remarkable results. This thing is very very good as is now, you just need to use the vlog, a recorder and a speedbooster xl. But its taste also .. I would like to see from a video pro point of view: - Same price point (1500) - full 4k 96fps out on HDMI (or at least 1080p) - a 6g sdi output, but not such an big deal - build in v-log, with lut output. and fixed 8bit blocking issue - 10 bit 422 internal recording option, if SD cards could allow it - better processing, to have da vinci grade noise reduction, or cleaner sensor - optional xlr ins, or just a slimmer add on box with the 6g sdi etc. Sure there are better camera's which are more expensive, there are now newer released camera's. But this will always be, 'c'est a vie'. See it what it is at 1500 euro, and it has been around now a bit ..
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