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    Sony a6300 4k

    If Sony stick with their usual (very careful) market segmentation, it'll have just enough limitations and lack just enough must have features such that it doesn't impact on A7 sales. When the full reviews come out, I'll bet there are loads of people on here and in other forums saying 'if only it had xx like the A7' or 'why didn't they give it xx, they could have done it easily'. I'll bet we're all just a bit disappointed...
  2. Thanks Dahlfors, Although I use a Sony now and do like my RX (mostly...), I'm not necessarily wedded to them as a brand - and I'm not sure I can wait 'till June The June thing was just because we have an upcoming trip to the States planned and I wondered about getting a camera over there to save some money. However it looks like none of the manufacturers I'm looking at do international warranties (I guess I've been spoiled by the Canon 'L' series international warranties). The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards a GH4 / 12-35 combo (it's a shame no one does this as a 'kit' purchase)
  3. Thanks for the replies guys - very helpful. I did think about Blackmagic but by the time I'd built a functional rig based on a Micro Cinema camera or Pocket, it would bust my budget (lens, monitor / recorder, cage, sound recorder, etc). I'd also probably have to upgrade my software, computer and storage to cope with the BM file sizes and learn about grading You're right - I didn't mention budget - somewhere around £1.5k (UK) to get me a body + lens, with Speedbooster etc to follow.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I've taken a look at the specs and some reviews for the GX8 and G7. As you say, they both have some great features and do a lot that the GH4 does. However comparing them to the GH4 I think there are enough differences to make me favour the GH4 (especially compared to the G7 - no zebras etc is a deal breaker for me). But thanks for taking the time to reply and suggest options for me to consider. , Thanks very much for the detailed reply. However, I'm really sorry but as far as DSLR's go (at least for photography), I'm a Canon guy I did consider a video capable Canon DSLR but the cost of the really good performers is beyond what I want to spend (although I think I could adapt some of my old FD and EF glass to a MFT body such as the GH4...
  5. You're right - there's a lot to like about the RX10 Mk1, however there are a few things that I'm looking to improve on. The lens, while pretty good optically, has a few features which for me get in the way of usability - it's fully fly by wire and has a ring shared by zoom and focus. When zooming it has a really long endless throw and while recording its zoom is incredibly slow. The servo nature of the zoom means I nearly always over or undershoot and need to narrow down on focal length, all of which takes time and is an irritation (I come from an slr stills background and I guess I'm just used to the direct, precise feel of mechanical lenses!). When in manual focus, the ring becomes focus (and has the same less than precise feel) which means zoom is delegated to the rocker around the shutter release. This has the same focus speed issues as the ring and on my camera, I've had two camera body upper sections replaced under warranty due to this rocker sticking and refusing to stop zooming. Even with careful attention to exposure, low light performance is at best mediocre but is OK up to ISO800 and useable with noise reduction to ISO1600 - I know that the GH4 is not known as a great low light performer but at least there is the option to use fast primes and gain a stop or two. I'd also like to be able to get a slightly more 'cinematic' look to some of my stuff - the lens / sensor combination of the RX10 is limiting in this respect. The GH4 seems to potentially provide much more flexibility in this respect (albeit, at a cost - an endless lens buying fetish!) So, decisions, decisions - the Mk2 RX10 addresses a few of my reservations with the Mk1 but its main selling point seems to be its great high frame rate performance - this isn't a big draw for me and it's expensive. For not an awful lot more than a Mk2 RX10, I could get a GH4 / 12-35 combination, together with it's still excellent performance / codec and flexibility. Thanks again for the input and making me properly think about what I need (and want!). Matt
  6. Thanks for the reply Geoff. I'd be intending to work with the 4K in an HD timeline (I've no need to output 4K as yet). I guess I'll have to leave any grading until I upgrade my computer setup. Thanks for taking the time Matt
  7. Ok. No one has replied to my ramble (which I entirely understand) so I'm replying to my own post - bad form I know After a weekend spent reading a load of threads on here and elsewhere, I've considered all sorts of possible options including the RX10 mk II, the RX100 mk IV and a load of other dslr / compact possibles but I've just about decided to get the inescapable option - the GH4 (probably in conjunction with the Panasonic 12-35 as a starting point). Given this, if anyone is reading, I've just a couple of questions: Is the stills capability of the GH4 ok? (I'd like to be able to travel light and take it away with me as an around video / stills camera) I edit in FCPX and while I've never done any serious grading, I'd like to use Resolve lite - will my 2013 MacBook Pro (2.3 GHz Core i7 Retina 15", 16GB Ram, NVIDEA GT750M 2048MB) be up to the job of processing the Gh4’s 4K output? I know I'd need plenty of extra external storage - I currently use G-Drive USB3 external drives. thanks Matt
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for some recommendations for a step up from my Sony RX10 Mk 1 which I like but things have moved on a bit and I'd like to take advantage of the last few year's technology improvements. I'm UK based and only a hobbyist and like to shoot docu style things rather than 'films' (although I fancy the idea of making a little short at some point). Some 'nice to have's' are: Solid 1080p performance with ideally full sensor readout (although I appreciate it's here to stay, not too bothered about 4K yet) Reasonably well controlled rolling shutter effects Reasonably well controlled moire / aliasing (I guess full sensor readout at 1080p will help with this) If a fixed lens bridge / camcorder style unit, then a reasonably fast lens with reasonable low light performance One final thing is that I'm going on holiday to the USA in June so something PAL capable with a global warranty that I could buy over there and take advantage of the favourable exchange rates would be a good option. Any ideas greatly appreciated. cheers Matt
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