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  1. I've uncovered an interesting development. Not sure if you guys have noticed this or not but it looks like there is more macro blocking in the cine gammas than in SLOG. I tried every gamma curve but here are two examples. The one on top is SLOG 2 at 3200 ungraded and the bottom is CINE 2 at 1000 iso (same thing, 0db) . I was testing low light. Both are using SGAMUT.CINE @ 3200K. SLOG 2 has more "visible" noise but it's finer grains and looks great when graded. CINE 2 has horrible blocky chunks in underexposed areas. I found that all the cine gammas carried this trait but the LOG profile didn't. This makes me more confident that tweaks can be made in firmware to the cine gammas. It seems like it could be part of the NR issue?
  2. This news is a tad disheartening. I hope Sony fixes some these issues soon. However, the pros of this camera are so extensive in my opinion that it's worth working around issues like this if needed. I'm confident they can make some tweaks and we'll be sitting pretty in no time.
  3. Andrew, have you tried grading in Davinci or any other programs besides priemere? I've had problems with Adobe PP in the past making some footage much more blocky
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