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  1. I would like to know, how to get 10/12bit on 70D? Thanks. EDIT: Oh, got it=)
  2. It turns out that I'm not Canon fan anymore. Wish I would... But I can't. Their new products are not very special any more. Video features stopped in 2012. Other companies impress me every day... Sony's reputation growing rapidly up in last 1-2 years. Panasonic same. Fujifilm... Their new X-T20 with that price force me to switch from Canon to Fuji. Not sure if I'm stupid but I'm so bored from Canon.
  3. I always wonder why they have so underrated Canon cameras generally... Because of this I never trust them.
  4. Thanks for this. I bought it today, not yet tested properly but already noticed less noise than CineStyle in shadows (Canon 70D). I was thinking about upgrade on 80D, however... Moiré is still horrible. Only one things that makes 80D better than 70D (for me) is better dynamic range and 1080p/60FPS. But still no "real" gamma logs, no 4K... and that damned horrible moiré!!! Agh... I'll probably buy used 5D3. Or switch to Sony... a6300 maybe?
  5. I've just come back from cinema... Seen this film in 4K on big 11 x 4m screen. It was breathtaking. Every scene was thoroughly made. Composition, colour grading, dynamic range, even lens flares was pleasant to watch. Long one shot scenes, slow cut, stunning performance... Finally, I'm glad for visiting cinema!
  6. Andrew, you forced me to register here and think about selling 70D and buy used 5D2. I want buy 5D3 later, but I cant afford it now. Reason, why I'm thinking about selling my new 70D... Cons of 70D: moiré/aliasing (absolutely terrible - I don't understand why everyone says it is video DSLR with super video features while it's moiré/aliasing and codec is terrible and final video is simply unuasble)high ISO ugly noise (320 is top usable ISO)APS-CML still in beta and usable RAW resolution 1856×790 gives me only 13 sec (still usable, but I prefer 1920)Pros of 70D fast AF, control and responserotating display (touch display is nice, but I'm barely using it)it fits to my hand really well, it's not heavy and build quality is very nicepicture quality is amazing (but still APS-C)So 5D2 should do better work with RAW video, but same with h.264 video and probably should be slower in photography. But it is FF. I have dilemma.
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