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  1. Ok, so that was it! I could not find a function within the menus to show the display at all times, so I had to reassign a button to select the display and once that's done, then it was there. My question now is, is there any other way to do this (bring the functions of the display on and off) other then assigning a button? Thanks a lot! I know it was pretty basic, but I couldn't figure it out...
  2. Hello everyone! I while ago I asked in this forum about the canon xc10, and I have finally go it (yesterday!) My question is, I have been playing with it and trying the different options, but there is one thing that really annoys me and I have not found how to change (I have checked the manual) and would like to know if some of you that have this camera would know how to change it. It's pretty basic, when I'm in live view, be it on video o photo mode, I don't see any of the different parameters, such as shutter, iso, sound levels, etc. To view it I have to touch the lcd and then this info show but for far too short. The problem is that first, If I have the loop on, I can't touch the lcd, so how do I do to bring this to view? I'v tried setting up the function buttons and other things, but can't find it. And second, how do I do it to keep this info longer, o permanently if I wish so? I would really appreciate if you could help me with this one! Thanks a lot!
  3. I think this a good example for what the XC10 can be really useful for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPRC3WXx2wE And this video by Canon is definitely much better than the one they used to release the xc10, which was kind of a total boomer. And this is an example of a narrative usage, I must say I would not particularly choose this camera for this type of project, but it can be used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDjwIX2kuXM
  4. I had never worked with 4K. The last two cameras that I have shoot extensively with have been a Canon xf300 and a 5DII. Therefore I have no experience. But Thank you very much for the advise, once I get my hand on the camera I will definitely try this... and I hope it works for me! Because that would be good improvement over my previous footage...
  5. l was actually wrong. As many others, I think, I had based my opinion on reviews... but after holding the camera in hand and playing a bit with it (couldn't do much more, since I only borrowed for a few hours) I really liked the feeling. Then I've gone on and search extensibly the footage that has been coming from it, and I think it's great. That it is, is great for what is it. It is the same as GH4? No, but it is not worst, simple different, I think. And, more than this, I think it has swayed back to it. For what I've experienced and seen, I believe it will really work with my next project. I know what you mean! But I'm gonna be traveling very light and I have to edit most of the stuff that I'll be shooting on the go, on a macbook pro (it has decent specs, but is not the lates model) and I'm not sure that it's going to be able to handle 4k in quick way (It might be able to handle it, but it will slow the process a lot...). That is why I was looking for a good HD, how is the HD straight out of this camera? This all look quite lovely! Perhaps some of them not super sharp (as you said is not sharpened...) but also the still capabilities is not the strong point of this camera, but a bonus IMO. All and all, I think I'm back to the XC10. Monday I'm in to get it (sorry GH4, I don't doubt you capabilities... but for my needs, I think this will be better suited).
  6. Thank you for all the great advice. Finally, I think I've made up my mind. The canon xc10 does not stand up to the gh4. And the gh4 is a great camera, but for my needs (I'm gonna be traveling over 6 different countries in six months and shooting, no need for 4k but a solid full hd in a compact and durable body), the GH3 it's perfectly capable, it has a few flaws over the GH4 (no for 4k, less resolution display and viewfinder, no focus peaking), but it can be picked up for 500€ on ebay and I can's spend more money in getting the right lenses (which, in time, would be useful to shoot with a gh4 or even gh5??) and the right gear. It's not the greatest camera in low light, but I think a speedbooster and something like a 20mm 1.7 would help with that... Thanks so much! And I will definately be more active in here!
  7. Not necessarily cheap, for around a 900€ you can get the body of a gh4, Im just wondering if in that same price range, plus/less, is there anything that delivers better quality at 1080. If not, then although 4k not being essential for this project, it's a nice feature to have... I was actually considering the G7, instead of the gh4, but don't think it really makes senses to buy it for video instead of its bigger brother...
  8. Thank you for your input! So my final decision is between the xc10 and the gh4. What attracts me from the xc10 is that is that only one thing that you have to carry while traveling (well, other the tripod/monopod, batteries, mic etc.) and seems to have quite a good image straight out of the camera (my ideal contender was the NX1, but as much as I would have loved it, the h265 just killed it for me, I need to edit on the go...). The xc10 also has a robust codec and mbs, even in 4k. What I don't like so much is the lense... The GH4 on the other hand, ticks almost all the same boxes as the xc10, except that I would have to carry one more than one lense with me almost all the time. Now, that would allow me much more creativity and the larger sensor would give the image more dof. But thinking about all of this, I came to the conclusion that I don't need 4k, at all, not for this project at least. So do you guys have any recommendation for a full hd one? Ideally should have a micro 4/3 or bigger sensor, have a robust codec, 8 or ten bits and a decent dynamic range (somewhere around 12 stops...), be quite decent in low light... in a comfortable and sturdy body, and going around 800-1000 euros body only (obvious one would be a7s but that a little above budget)...? Tha would be the ideal one... If not, I think ill go with the xc10 or the gh4, not sure yet
  9. Hello everyone! I have been a reader of this forum and web for a while... but only now decided to ask for advice. The question is, Im embarking on a new project from beginning of next year, I will travel to six different countries and film the way trough, in a quite tight budget. Yes, I'm a professional, so I know what to do with a camera, but I have some serious doubts about which one to take with for this project. Of course I want something portable, compact and easy to carry (i.e. not a ton of lenses...). I've worked before with camcorder and dslrs, but neither of this fits my ticking list (camcorders tend to have a small sensor and dslr need lenses...). I need something that can deliver a high quality image but that will make easy my workflow. After a lot of research Iv found the following options: Canon xc10 for 1400€ brand new; Panasonic gh4 plus a zoom lense, not sure which one exactly yet (it will come to +/- the same price) or a Sony rx10 m2 (which is roughly the same price as the previous two). The thing is, I have never used any of them (I have handled the xc10, but not really use it), but not the gh4 neither the sony... so I would like to hear from you guys. My predominant thought at the moment is to go with xc10 (I would not do it for 2000€ but for 1400 seems a fair price and a robust option). Oh yes... the bmpcc has crossed my mind, but I dont think would a good idea for a travel documentary... I will really appreciate your opinions on this one. Thanks a lot!
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