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  1. Anyone who has spent even 30 seconds in B&H picks up that it's run by Orthodox Jews.  To mention that nowhere in the story, whether the New York Times, or Aljazeera makes one question the reporter's competence, if not their eye-sight.  Because of the work-ethic of Orthodox Jews, (like closing on Saturday) I can't see how it is not relevant.  Also, to add to my previous post.  There are probably hundreds of electronic stores in NYC alone.  B&H is not successful because of cheap prices only.  It's a very well-run store.  

    Two things:

    1) Any AJ/AJA haters just needed to see the word Jew or Jewish once in the story and they'd be off to the races that AJ was targeting a Jewish business.  Though I don't necessarily believe the story until someone corroborates it, I actually think it was wise NOT to use either word in the story.

    2) The story, again, appears to be about worker abuse, not about a Jewish-run business.  I want to stay on topic.

    Everyone on the internet is getting sidetracked with AJA vs. a Jewish business and Union vs. Non-Union.  I do not give a damn about either matter. 

    I care if the business I am giving thousands of dollars to is running a sweatshop.  That's what I want to know.  I just want this story either backed up with more information or invalidated as not being true.

  2. Well regarded by you maybe, but not everyone, which is the point. They lost all credibility with me when they were doing all the coverage of the Egyptian uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood was paying and supplying people to do the protests and riots and Aljazeera dutifully helped sell the whole deception. 

    I also did not state the story was true.  I'm saying this is a developing story -- B&H may rebut the AJA story, other news orgs might corroborate the story or add something to it, etc.  We're still in the 24 hour news cycle of this, and today's physical protest inside/outside the store may draw more light to it.

    Personally, I don't care about the union angle, AJA, etc. -- I just want to know if B&H is worthy of my continued business.  If half of what was reported is true, they aren't getting another dime from me.  Amazon may be jerks to their warehouse people, but they aren't vicious or unlawful.  I have no delusions of a warehouse full of happy workers, but they should be allowed bathroom breaks, given reasonable hours and be allowed to use the restroom.

  3. 1 article. Written by an Islamic site. Attacking a very Jewish company. Haven't heard from both sides. Probably won't know the ins and the outs unless we take the time to investigate fully..... equals unfair judgement on someone. 

    An Islamic Site?!  AJA is a relatively well regarded news organization, regardless of any biases you may have to where they are headquartered.  Also: please search for the word 'Jewish' in that article.  (Spoiler:  you will not find it, because that's not what the story was about.)

    The author is American, she's from Massachusetts.  Further, from what I've read, the photographer in that story is Jewish himself.

    I find the story pretty damning, but (a) B&H hasn't responded yet and (b) a second news agency hasn't picked it up -- only folks on photography/videography sites are forwarding/riffing on the original story. 

    It's possible that this is just a muck-raking play to go with the shockingly timely announcement that the B&H workers are unionizing:


    ...but it's also entirely possible that B&H runs a sweatshop.  I'd like a second story to either corroborate or rebut AJA before I make up my mind.

    - A




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