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  1. Oh I'll definitely have to pick one of these up after seeing the live stream option. I never buy a phone without interchangeable batteries so this will work nicely
  2. It would be nice if the A7s III had a higher bitrate even if it was only though an external recorder. I'd also like it to be bigger body so that might allow them to use larger batteries and perhaps not have problems overheating. My 5D MK III never felt like a big camera but the A7s II felt like a toy *shrug*
  3. Selling a C-Box System, brand new and never used. I just took it out of the box to take pictures of it. I'm selling it for $300 (plus shipping) just to get my money back. If you're looking for a cheaper solution to CFast 2.0 cards on your Blackmagic Design Ursa or Ursa Mini then this might be the way to go. I would have kept it if I hadn't changed my mind about buying an Ursa Mini so at any rate this is listed on eBay but I'll sell to whoever wants it first (paypal only unless local which is Las Vegas). The C-Box info & Kickstarter campaign.
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