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  1. Yes... but bitrate remains 4mbits at 1080p... play 1440p with 10mbits and video look very good! bitrate = quality... low bitrate=low quality more artifacts ... 20mbps (4k youtube transcoding) is too high for normal adsl fluid streaming .. but 1440p it's ok! (i have 7mbps bad italian adsl and see 2K video) 4K (20mbps) = 2.5MB/s 2K (10mbps) = 1,25MB/s (with slow adsl use smart buffer 20% and see video) YouTube create multiple versions from your stream
  2. Hi, on my blog there are many test on youtube bitrate and quality. Upload your video in 1440p and NOT in 720p or 1080p... 2K resolution boost bitrate x3 in youtube transcoding process! Youtube Best Settings Guide: Uprez your video to 1440p take advantage of the higher bit rate boost My youtube video download test (h264 and Vp9): Test video quality 720p 1080p 1440p 2160p max bitrate which compresses youtube For other resolution: Best Youtube export settings for 720p 1080p 1440p 2160p for 4K 25mbits is ideal... for 2K 20mbits... best h264 encoder is MEGUI: high quality h264 file... for vp9 media encoder with webm premiere plugin
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