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    Sony a6300 4k

    I just wish ergonomics would be better... Just came from a Lumix G7 to a Fuji X-T1. Just needed much more photo IQ than Video. I guess most of us, rookie/amateurish people, want a camera that just works. That's what i felt when switched to the Fuji. G7 ergonomics are great, X-T1 also, a6000 (and predictable a6300) not so much. This is just my opinion, sure, but i guess Sony APS-Cs would sell much more if they were in a mini a7 body. Or do they gave us the choice of which ergonomics to choose.Fuji gives this to photographers (X-E2s vs X-Pro2 vs X-T1) as do Pana and Oly to video-photographers. Features look great in this camera though. It´s a Lumix G7 and many mid-level dSLR (d5500, 750d) killer, if buyers want to stay with few or adapted lenses. I guess most m43 and Fuji users won't switch or use it as B-Cam due to the costs of good lenses for Sony. This will be for new buyers or b-Cam for a7s/a7R users...
  2. Sony a6000 is also a kind of ghost in my conscience: it's now very cheap, good vídeo with updated xavc s and larger sensor than micro 43. Handling it, i didn t enjoy the ergonomics, specially evf placement. So gx7+ new glass, a6000, g7 or crippled glassed a7?
  3. Hi guys; Been lurking EOSHD for a long time now, and what a brilliant video site it has become. I've been shooting with Oly E-P1 and Canon 60d, and it is time to buy a new camera. I'm a m. doctor so this camera will also be used to record my patients. Budget: 1000-1200 euros Priorities: 60% Stills (indoors, portraits, and few low-light situations); 40% Video (indoor, no uber need for 4k although good 1080p would be appreciated). Detailed 1080p and still IQ are what i'm looking for. Current Glass: Oly 17mm f2.8; Canon EF-S kit zoom 17-55 and 10-18. I'm thinking this is a good time to buy some micro 4/3 and Sony gear, due to price reductions in gx7, G6 and a7 - what do you think? Which one do you think it is a better deal and why? . GX7 14-42 - 500 euro . G7 14-42 - 700 euro . G7 14-140mm - 850 euro . Sony a7 body only - 1000 euro Thanks!
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