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  1. This is nonsense. It may be an oversight on Panasonic's side, but this is simply using the functionality built in to the app and camera. Nothing else. Nothing has been reverse engineered, nothing have been hacked or any copyright infringement. I feel this to be an inaccurate comment. The precise info is available on many places on the web now, including reddit! https://www.reddit.com/r/gh4/comments/3l1j2z/how_to_use_vlog_without_buying/ While the sentiment of "without buying" is an unwelcome one, explaining the steps of how to use Vlog with existing software apps is surely an interesting, and wholly valid one. Panasonic may be unhappy at the situation, but they clearly put out software that allowed the use of the Vlog profile without the need for a paid upgrade. Their simple mistake. I just tried this, downloading the image app, and the firmware all in the past hour and it worked fine.
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