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  1. I recently got a Kowa 16S fairly cheap and have been putting it to the test with the NX500, and I must say it´s a neat combo for less than 600€!! You can get as wide as 35mm with the 4K on the NX500, aprox 2.4x crop ratio. The amazing thing is 5K! 5185x2160 in 2.40:1 aspect ratio or 5745x2160 in 2.66:1 which is insane. And the detail on the NX500 with the 200mb/s bitrate hack is amazing. The only thing that doesn´t cut it for me is the color, I hope they release the LOG hack and this would really be a killer setup. You can check some frames taken with a Nikkor 35mm f2 AIS at f2.8,
  2. Hey!! Thanks for the info, I´ll try it for sure.
  3. Hey, I love this project! I have the exact same lens and hadn´t heard about the front modification, seems really interesting! This is a bit of my experience with this lens and anamorphic in general. I have a pretty special grandpa that managed to build me an adapter made of methacrylate that fits the back of the Bell&Howell and converts it to a normal m49 filter thread. Pretty absurd, but it works. On the front I attached a 77 diameter diopter directly to the mattebox, and voilà, ready to shoot. Did a couple of test shoots with my GH2 and then I shot a short documentary with this on the
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