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  1. Not to steal thunder from the A7R II, but what are your thoughts on the likelihood of an A7S II? If you think it's probable, when would you guess that Sony will release it? This camera seems like a remarkable tool for video in and of itself, but if the delta between the A7S and A7S II is anywhere near as large as that between the A7R and A7R II, then I'm definitely going to hold out for the A7S II. Low-light video performance is important to me, so if this is likely to be the flagship mirrorless model for video for the next year or two, do you think the price/feature premium over an A7S is worth it, or should I just buy a copy of the latter and spend the difference on lenses/accessories? (I realize that's probably not possible to answer until you get to spend time with a production model). Thanks!
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