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  1. Andrew, with all due respect, when you write lines like this "The RX10 M2’s nearest competitor is the Canon XC10" and fail to make any mention of the Panasonic FZ1000, you lose some of your credibility as an intelligent and impartial reviewer. The FZ1000 costs $400-$500 less than the RX10 M2 and has been doing 4K for more than a year. Many GH4 shooters use it as their B cam. Hopefully in Part 2 of your review you'll correct this oversight and tell readers why you do not consider the FZ1000 in the same class as the RX10 M2. Yes, the FZ1000 doesn't do slo-mo as well, does not have a constant 2.8 aperture, a headphone jack or adapter for XLR, but if someone doesn't need all those things it's probably a much better buy than the RX10.
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