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  1. Hello. Im' looking for a 5" on-camera monitor and I hesitate between IKAN's DH5 and DH5e versions. It's exactly the same monitor, however the E version also support 4k input signal and costs almost 100 euro more. I was wondering if I really need the 4k support (surely not now, as I shoot mainly with a 5d2, but I'm planning to change my camera - maybe with a GH5)? Does all 4k capable cameras can downscale the output to 1080p or in the next future monitors limited to 1080p input will be useless? Thanks
  2. I've solved the problem!! It was caused by Magic Lantern "Exposure override" option se to ON. I cannot understand why, but switching it on you can clearly see the iris, throw the front lens, slightly open and close. Sorry to have create a new topic.... maybe it will help someone in the future In any case I will post this on ML forum.
  3. Since some time I'm noticing flickering issue in certain clip from my canon cameras (5d3 and 5d2.. booth in h264 and RAW); it happens even in sunlight so I can exclude light frequency issue. It is noticeable most of all in highlights and It's easily visible even on camera display with ML zebras on, as you can see zebras pulsate. I suspected it could be caused by a slight variation of diaphragm aperture and after some tests I've discovered that that happens with camera set to "1/3 EV steps", only using intermediary apertures; so 2.8, 4, 5,6, 8, 11 are stable, while 3.2, 3.5, 4.5, 5.0
  4. As it prevents the focus breathing does it also prevents the focus variation in varifocus lenses?
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