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  1. Thought I'd throw my two cents in here. We've been shooting with Glidecams for three years. We had it all, sleds, arms, vests, etc. etc. etc. Last year my local dealer put me onto the DJI Ronin. We had been complaining about the pricing that Defy and Movi was pushing out and the Ronin came in at a price point we could swallow. After we got it in we worked with it for a week. Balancing, rebalancing, screaming, smashing, balancing again, phone apps, etc. Our FS700 would not fit on it but the GH4's we have seemed to work great as long as you weighted them down with cages, etc. So for 8-10 months now we have been shooting with the Ronin. Some days it's fantastic, some days it's super annoying. The app definitely helps and once you get that sweet spot, it's hard not to always want to use it. We shoot a lot of high end real estate work and running the gimbal has given us an enormous amount of creative freedom that we could have only dreamed of with the Glidecam. Using thumb controllers and all the other little toys that are available for gimbals has been addicting to a new level. We finally sold our Glidecam rig and have recently bought the CAME TV Mini 2 tool less gimbal. Specifically to run with the GH4 and A7 cameras. We've had it a short time and although we love the lightweight and ease of setup, its' just not as polished and refined as the Ronin. We already blew the cheap chinese battery charger that came with it, so be sure to do your research on what voltage to set it for. All in all, the transition from Glidecam to gimbal systems has been fruitful for us and we've loved all the new beautiful shots we can get with it.
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