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  1. Hi and 2 things for your reference: 1. To play 8K video smoothly. 8K ultra HD movie has made its way to YouTube. As Ghost Towns, a two-minute video filmed in 8k resolution was released on YouTube earlier, and the news says almost no one can watch it, people start to question if they can actually be able to play 8K movies on iMac or PC. Well, there indeed are factors need to be considered and problem to be solved but the answer is yes, and then another question comes, how can I play 8K movies on my Mac or PC? 2. How to get more 8K videos to stream smoothly? 8K TV display is taking the place of 4K 5K videos movies to blast your eyeballs, and will be replaced by even higher pixels to come, for sure. Now to the point: Are you planning a budget on a 8K TV display but got no authoritative review to turn to? Or you paid for that insane 8K Samsung TV but no 8K TV channel? This is a tutorial for your to detect the maximal amount of 4K 5K 8K UHD videos movies to AirPlay to 8K TV. This freeware downloads 8K video from YouTube superfast in any bandwidth environment, serving as the first mature software to download 4K 5K 8K 4320p videos superfast, and sure enough, in terms of your 8K TV Quad UHD display, be it Samsung, LG or Apple TV, it envoys every pixel to reach the stunning 8K screen intactly.
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