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  1. I'm sure you're aware of it, but no mention in the article or the comments so far of the already digital and released Alexa 65, which is already being used on many a feature. The underwater scenes in MIV Rogue Nation were the Alexa 65's first released images. Hopefully stunts like Tarantino is pulling for H8 will keep the publics interest in format diversity, so us DPs still have a chance of shooting celluloid when it suits. Eben www.ebenbolter.com
  2. I've had the pro edition of the Letus 1.33x anamorphic adapter for a few months now, but just haven't had the projects to use it on so I'm looking to pass it on to any UK or european based buyers? I have the Pro edition, with matte-box, snap-on filter tray, medium flare option, quick-snap lens support, 110mm and 77mm threaded rings and the original box and packaging. http://letusdirect.com/cart/letus-anamorphx-pro.html The setup currently goes for $3,467, but I also incurred import tax of £436 and postage, so was over £3K UK all in. In extremely good condition so looking to get a good offer for it and find it a new home. Based in London. My site is at www.ebenbolter.com where you can find my email address for direct contact, or of course get in touch here. Cheers guys
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