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  1. plenty of 4k external recorders with no time limit.

    Atomos Shogun, Atomos Assassin, Convergent design Odyssey 7Q/+,  Video devices PIX-E5/7...

    Those are great $1300+ ideas for the future, to be sure. All I need for now, though, would be for the camera to simply automatically start a new clip after the 30-minute is reached. Magic Lantern allows Canon DSLRs to do something similar- it would be awfully useful if we had the equivalent for the NX1. 

  2. I'm shooting a 70-minute long live performance in 4k during which I won't be able to operate the camera. Is there anyway to make the NX1 start a new clip after reaching its 30 minute clip limit? Are there any external recorders on the market now that might provide a workaround? 

    It seems the only other option for this scenario is to rent or buy a GH4, which our production doesn't have the budget to do. 



  3. Yep- that's an insane "feature." Who in the hell is making these decisions and how did s/he get that job? 

    Thanks for for bringing up this issue, OP. I discovered it while on a shoot last week with my 30mm/2, and wasn't able to find any settings to fix it. That's the last Samsing lens I'll buy without an AF switch. 

  4. ​I was thinking of getting this setup, would u be so kind to share some shots/footage ?!

    Sure. These are straight out of camera - compressed to jpg from RAW. The vignette in the first image is from the EF-NX iris adapter - it was stopped down about halfway through the iris's range. 



  5. It's not fixed, I'm using that version. It clearly shows that who tested it is not interested in the video part since its a pretty important feature for someone who shoots manual.

    Very good to know. I've been contemplating getting the 16-50 PZ in case I absolutely have to have autofocus. 

    BTW- I have the EF-S mount Tokina 11-16 mk2. Works beautifully on the NX1 because it's decently sharp wide open. However, I like the idea mentioned previously in this thread of using 3rd party F mount lenses with the NX-Nikon G adapter so that I could have aperture control. I'll probably sell my EF mount Sigma and Tokina and get the F mount versions. Can anyone confirm that this config works well? It would be a game changer if it did. 

  6. FYI: I did some comparisons between the 16-50 S and my dumb-adapted EF-S mount Sigma 18-35 f1.8 on the NX1.  Sharpness, resolution, and color rendering were noticeably superior on the Sigma, which also had better build quality and zoom ring action. I returned the 16-50 S and am currently using a manual focus-only setup until Sigma or another solid 3rd party (hopefully) begins to make autofocus lenses for NX. 

    I upgraded from Canon as well- there have been lots of tricky little workflow things to solve in making the transition. 



  7. ​the 16-50 that I will get does not have a AF/MF switch on the lens, it's controlled eletronically. The only workaround that I found it to pause the video recording instead of stopping it to keep the manual focus on otherwise you're back to AF every single time!

    Someone on the DPReview forum was having issues with the 16-50 PZ switching back to autofocus. I'm not sure if it was fixed in FW 1.30 or not. 

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