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  1. Great rig, I like to see something small to match the camera.
  2. Interesting. I've only had a very quick look at a ProRes clip so far (I don't have my monitoring setup working yet so it's hard to even focus), but I saw aliasing on that. So it's possible that only RAW debayering in Resolve is improved. That would suck a little, as PoRes does come in handy.
  3. My two arrived today. Sweet little puppies, RGB LEDs sold me instantly (I'm a cheap date). Haven't had a chance to check the image out yet, but the bodies are cute, build quality seems great. Fans, interesting. I had them sitting on my desk, running to full-charge the batteries (I only worked out later that you can probably continue charging after powering off via the power button, still, was a nice burn in). Strangely, the fan vibrations caused both cams to quietly hum on the wooden desk - at first I couldn't work out where these faint strange whines were coming from : ). It was on
  4. Interesting, that explains the reports of less moire. I'll have to run some of my old problem Pocket footage through it and see how much it helps. I wonder if the Micro has the improved debayer on-board in ProRes? If not, RAW might become mandatory for me.
  5. Evening all. So my two Micros (I shoot dual-body 3D and damnit, they've got proper Genlock) seem to be good to go, should have them some time next week. I've spent the best part of a year getting all the parts I need (cables, filters etc) and writing software for tablet-based viewing and remote control, and the gear has slowly been gathering dust in a box ; ). Now no GS, boo! I just hope they don't screw us early adopters who are buying regardless (with mixed feelings in my case) with an updated version at the next NAB (or a sudden price drop|) - that would suck. Still, I locked in a good
  6. Are you sure about the aliasing being fixed on the MCC Ebrahim? That would be huge as it's the only serious IQ flaw of my Pockets, and I wasn't expecting it would be fixed yet. If true did they do it without an OLPF, just with a new sensor design? I've got two MCC's on pre-order; with Genlock, full remote control, global shutter mode and narrow bodies they are everything I asked for over the years for dual-cam 3D. After hacking my Pockets for workaround 3D frame sync I'm now putting a full-featured MMC 3D rig together that will be awesome if the IQ works out. I expected it to be the identi
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