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  1. That seems to be the case. Stephen Mick from DVXUser quoted me a range of 200-1600 ISO from the NAB floor, but says those numbers aren't locked down yet. Hoping for 32- or even 6400.
  2. My guess is that BM is banking on the costs of CFast media coming down dramatically -- Grant Petty said as much in one of the interviews (NFS?) from the NAB floor. His defense of the format was that CFast was built from the ground up for high-volume storage applications like video, and was better spec'ed for cameras than even SSD. But, right now, the media question on this camera is huge. Hope things change soon.
  3. ​anamorphic ready means that on the EVF or on the flip-out screen the image will be "unsqueezed" so that it looks normal to your eye as you're shooting. Otherwise you're looking at squeezed stick people while you're filming and it's tougher to judge things like focus.
  4. The problem for Sony with A7s is the same problem with Canon for the 5D series... if they start packing all the features we want into their lowest end cameras the market will disappear for their mid-teir models the F5 and C300. Just look at the F5 with the 4k hack -- it was basically a 4k camera all along but they wanted to protect the pricing of the F55. Blackmagic is changing the game by blowing this whole thing up and driving prices down. I also believe Sony probably has the tech or wherewithal to make 4k work internally in the A7s (even at a slightly higher price point), but from their perspective, why bother?
  5. Well said. That, to me, is the key with Blackmagic. It just passes the eye test right off the bat. FS7 stuff always seems like it needs to get dressed up to look like cinema. Blackmagic stuff just is. The Kinefinity footage has a similar feel to me: right off the bat it feels movie-like. With the total cost of media, batteries etc I wonder which is a better overall value between Kine and the Ursa Mini.
  6. Specs look amazing and the footage looks great as well. A little worried about low light, though. They don't even mention ISO. And the night shots on the sample video were shot on a about as bright-looking a street as you could find. The shot with the toddler in the hallway felt a little muddy in the low light areas. But hey. The images look amazing overall. I want one.
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