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  1. ​wow surprising. I guessed the white back ground used GH4 because GH4 is very noisy with low light and dark environment usually, so you might want to take advantage of the FS7 and use it for the black background shooting.
  2. I have to admit that I went to search for this guy on Spotify and found another song of his very nice called Wonderful Trouble. Pretty good.
  3. Ha! The website now works again. Last night I found a guy on Taobao to customise a clamp for me. Slightly cheaper than Redstan but actually it works the same with the Redstan one. They all have another layer inside the clamp to function like a cushion.
  4. No one will find out if you don't ask. But since you asked, I think the white background scene was shot on GH4. Very nice song by the way.
  5. Thanks a lot Valid! Very useful information! I'll try the focus again later this week. I checked redstan.com, but unfortunately the page redirects me to another weird website that doesn't make sense. I also searched on ebay but can't find anything nice. How much does the clamp cost anyway? I wish I could make one from the factory myself..
  6. Hi guys, Here's a newbie's anamorphic lens test. Did some simple color correction last night and exported to H.264. First hand ever on an anamorphic lens and still learning, so focus is a little soft and quite a few other issues. Also the ND filter is pretty bad. It caused the bad highlight diffusion on the street. Second test to be continued soon and the quality should improve significantly.. I found the lens clamp with screws very difficult to use and the lens body will get damaged soon after a few more shootings. Is there any other clamps you guys use that can avoid the touching of the lens body and the screws in order to protect the lens? I found that my 12-35 2.8 can work with the Kowa on 35mm and the auto focus + Power OIS is just amazing. But for the focusing of other manual lens, what I did is trying to set the focus of the Kowa to a approximate distance and then focus on the prime lens. It's quite complicated. Is it possible that I can set the focus of the Kowa to infinite and then just focus according to the prime lens? I haven't got time to try this but just thinking of it today during work. Here's the link: https://vimeo.com/126776656 Aragon
  7. You can download 2.2 directly.
  8. ​Hi Nigel, I'm interested. Can you ship it to China? You can drop me a message when you have time. Thanks
  9. ​Thanks Ebrahim! I'm going to climb some mountains this weekend and try it out.
  10. Hey guys, I got a GH4 recently and tried to play with the 4K feature and found this thread. http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/5426-mac-app-to-resample-gh4-8-bit-420-to-10-bit-444/ It's really interesting and great news to GH4 users. However, when I tried to download the file provided by Thomas, the mediafire link already expired. I'm wondering if any of you still have the GH444 app and could share with all the GH4 explorers here again on EOSHD? Thanks in advance. ;=]
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