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  1. What I'm finding truly amazing about this entire thread is how those now attacking Andrew are COMPLETELY disregarding some pretty important points he made ridiculously clear (ie, what Clarkson did IS wrong), and more so simply speaking as if they have never made a mistake. I don't care for the show, nor Clarkson, and I don't fully support Andrew's opinion, but this is quite clearly a case where someone made a mistake, should be reprimanded, and should have been done behind closed doors. Andrew is 100% right that this should not be a huge public deal. Have your opinions. Great. Hate the guy. Great. But how the BBC handled it is definitely doing more harm than good for everyone involved. Sure, they'll get more work. But this is shit that happens on the playground folks. How many people do you know we're EXPELLED for a stupid fight? Probably zero. Just because this is in the public eye doesn't mean it needs to be blown way out of proportion. Give the guy a fine. Give him community service. Make him take some anger management classes. So many more options that should have happened. And then, problem solved. Move on. There are more important things to worry about.
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