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  1. Getting tempted by the G85... I've had Panasonics for the past 5 years (Gx1, Gx7, Lx100), and always been underwhelmed, especially on focusing issues... but maybe the G85 is the answer.  Stabilization seems great for field work, plus weather sealed.... I could use a few older lenses.  Is that a better option than the Rx10ii? 

  2. OK thanks. Not a lot of Sony fans here I guess? I feel like everyone I see these days is using one of the Sony A7 series. I already have one or two M4/3 lenses, maybe I should just stick with the E85, sigh.  The upgrade of an old G7 that never focused quite right.

    Yeah, it has to be compact, ideally 4k (re-cropping landscapes), and I won't have much time to fuss with settings in the field.

  3. Yeah, that's what has happened the past three times I went with Panasonic, and got some good shots, but never really felt at home the way I did with an old Canon. Plus half my shots were out of focus no matter how hard I worked at it.  Time to try something new...

  4. Hi. I am a map maker / animator who works in tough remote conditions. Telling the story of my work is just as important as the work itself. I just ruined my Panasonic LX100 in the field Guyana, and am ready to jump over to Sony. My second Panasonic that I never really liked that much. I try to shoot compelling images in run-and-gun situations (95% video) as an important peripheral to my real work.  Why is the lens so much faster on the smaller camera?  ...will I notice it?  Convince me the RX10ii is a better choice than the RX100v.

    PS, I also shoot a lot of 4k with my iPhone, for the fastest situations... so which one will compliment that the most?  Also, I don't think I need the 600 lens on the RX10iii, but maybe there's something else I'm missing about that lens?  A little better portraits?

  5. On the GX7 I have two prime lenses - 20mm pancake and 25mm Leica.  I like them both, especially the 25mm, but not super portable.  Mostly, I intend to shoot handheld, with occasional tripod/gorilla pod mounting.  99% will be used for video.

  6. OK, thanks, the LX100 is what I've had in mind...  hadn't considered the Samsungs, will check them out.  One thing I like about Panasonics is all the external manual controls.  Lots of dials.  Plus I'm familiar with them via the GX-7.  I've also been thinking about the new Sony a6300.  Not super small, but maybe a lot cinematic than the LX100?

  7. I am an animator and image compositor looking for a point and shoot video camera to reside in my backpack.  I currently run a Pana Gx-7, which I like, but want something that shoots 4k and is possibly a little bit smaller.  I live in central Idaho mountains, I spend a lot of time outdoors doing non-photographic stuff, but I want to have a camera that I can pack easily.  Gets good stable video without a ton of external rigging, shoots 4k so I can crop later.  Basically looking for as much cinema as possible in a jacket-pocket sized camera.  Right now looking at the Panasonic LX-100 and the Sony RX-100 iv.  Anything else I should be looking at?  Anyone have experience shooting video on either of those?  Should I just get a new iPhone?

  8. I am a map-maker and animator - who is working more and more with live footage, including a bit of my own run and gun type shooting.  I have two cameras, one is a Canon 60D and the other a Panasonic GX7.  Similar prime lenses on each.  While I much prefer the look/feel/size/versatility and mechanics of the Panasonic, I feel like the Canon produces much richer more engaging color.  Any thoughts on this, anything easy I can do in post to liven up the Panasonic image - ala an Instgram filter?  How about the shooting settings?

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