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  1. Getting tempted by the G85... I've had Panasonics for the past 5 years (Gx1, Gx7, Lx100), and always been underwhelmed, especially on focusing issues... but maybe the G85 is the answer. Stabilization seems great for field work, plus weather sealed.... I could use a few older lenses. Is that a better option than the Rx10ii?
  2. OK... if there's something else I should be looking at in the 1k range, let me know. The c100 as mentioned above is big and requires lenses I don't have the time or patience to deal with...
  3. OK, thanks for helping me talk the RX100 off my list. Now it's RX10ii versus G85 with my 20mm f1.7 Pancake... I guess IBIS would be a big deal for me if it really worked.
  4. OK thanks. Not a lot of Sony fans here I guess? I feel like everyone I see these days is using one of the Sony A7 series. I already have one or two M4/3 lenses, maybe I should just stick with the E85, sigh. The upgrade of an old G7 that never focused quite right. Yeah, it has to be compact, ideally 4k (re-cropping landscapes), and I won't have much time to fuss with settings in the field.
  5. Yeah, that's what has happened the past three times I went with Panasonic, and got some good shots, but never really felt at home the way I did with an old Canon. Plus half my shots were out of focus no matter how hard I worked at it. Time to try something new...
  6. Yeah, not buying any more Panasonics. I've had three that looked great on paper but always had issues with soft focus and laggy interface. I'm sure it's all my fault, but I'm ready for something new.
  7. Roger that. Follow-up question. f2.8 seems slow to me... coming from a Panasonic with a f1.7 at the wide end. Am I missing something? How are these cameras in low light, and shallow DOF?
  8. Hi. I am a map maker / animator who works in tough remote conditions. Telling the story of my work is just as important as the work itself. I just ruined my Panasonic LX100 in the field Guyana, and am ready to jump over to Sony. My second Panasonic that I never really liked that much. I try to shoot compelling images in run-and-gun situations (95% video) as an important peripheral to my real work. Why is the lens so much faster on the smaller camera? ...will I notice it? Convince me the RX10ii is a better choice than the RX100v. PS, I also shoot a lot of 4k with my iPhone, for the fastest situations... so which one will compliment that the most? Also, I don't think I need the 600 lens on the RX10iii, but maybe there's something else I'm missing about that lens? A little better portraits?
  9. On the GX7 I have two prime lenses - 20mm pancake and 25mm Leica. I like them both, especially the 25mm, but not super portable. Mostly, I intend to shoot handheld, with occasional tripod/gorilla pod mounting. 99% will be used for video.
  10. OK, thanks, the LX100 is what I've had in mind... hadn't considered the Samsungs, will check them out. One thing I like about Panasonics is all the external manual controls. Lots of dials. Plus I'm familiar with them via the GX-7. I've also been thinking about the new Sony a6300. Not super small, but maybe a lot cinematic than the LX100?
  11. I don't understand. That looks really bulky and similar specs to the two smaller cameras I mentioned?
  12. I am an animator and image compositor looking for a point and shoot video camera to reside in my backpack. I currently run a Pana Gx-7, which I like, but want something that shoots 4k and is possibly a little bit smaller. I live in central Idaho mountains, I spend a lot of time outdoors doing non-photographic stuff, but I want to have a camera that I can pack easily. Gets good stable video without a ton of external rigging, shoots 4k so I can crop later. Basically looking for as much cinema as possible in a jacket-pocket sized camera. Right now looking at the Panasonic LX-100 and the Sony RX-100 iv. Anything else I should be looking at? Anyone have experience shooting video on either of those? Should I just get a new iPhone?
  13. Thanks Amigos. I'm going to try some of these tricks around town this week and see what I come up with. I'd love to put the Canon out of mind.
  14. I am a map-maker and animator - who is working more and more with live footage, including a bit of my own run and gun type shooting. I have two cameras, one is a Canon 60D and the other a Panasonic GX7. Similar prime lenses on each. While I much prefer the look/feel/size/versatility and mechanics of the Panasonic, I feel like the Canon produces much richer more engaging color. Any thoughts on this, anything easy I can do in post to liven up the Panasonic image - ala an Instgram filter? How about the shooting settings?
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