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  1. Youtube is free...hence no "quality" or filters. But Hey, the other side of the coin. These logans and such think they NEED at least a Gh5...more demand for those. And they announced today DJI Osmo Mobile 2 (and Ronin-S by the way) at 129$!!!!..grab an iphone, filmic pro and Moondoglab and off you go.. And most of you will be aware of the swedish guy who from making shorts in his room straight to Hollywood features thanks to a youtube viral video...
  2. Well, everything is based on a general misconception about society. I would not want to sound elitist, but hey... Most of the people are stupid (or dumb, you pick it up) and they rather choose Gangnam Style over Macbeth. Nothing new over here, seeing people butchered alive required huge coliseums across the roman empire. Theatres were rather small, as they are today confronted to football stadiums. That's why Vimeo will always have less views and viewers than Youtube. "Eh, sexy lady Op, op, op, op"
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