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  1. Canon seems to be protecting certain segments of their products from others. Microsoft did this to some extent by only selling the village idiot version of Office to Mac users. For years critics complained that MS was walking away from profits by protecting the old structure and not porting apps to iOS/OSX. As Balmer departed it seems they began to accept reality and restructured. There were tons of critics of the iPad claiming that Apple were risking canniballizing their desktops and laptops with such products. To some extent it is true that overall desktop sales have taken a hit, but it allowed Apple to own the tablet market, and because of their focus on having products work as a family and not actually compete, they have increased desktop sales where PC desktops have slipped. Canon seem to be on the back foot for past several years. They could have dominated the market by letting the 5dmkiii do what we know it is capable of. The 5dmkiv should be talk of the DSL town while focusing on the C100/C300 ergonomics/tech for more professionally nuanced uses. But they seem to be afraid that if the 5d is in any way too good that their other products will burst into flames. If you can build a 5d that steals your higher end product business then you should do so. Be the best. And then redesign the higher end products to do what the DSL form factor cannot. If not someone else will do it for you....Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, etc. It is frustrating to feel that Canon is listening to the market and paying attention to the advances made by their competition. So much unrealized potential. I love my 5dmkiii for stills. I bought it when it first came out and am still happy with it after 100K shots. But for video, it is more work than I care to go through. Canon could easily provided firmware updates to best ML. By not doing so they smugly project that they are happy with their current product tiers, self imposed limitations and all, as they return to their game rooms to play Pong and dance to The The in their skinny piano ties. It makes me wonder if they have yet started thinking about fixing the Y2K bug in their main frames.
  2. The internet seems to create a gargantuan village of angry torch wielding, knuckle dragging buffoons anytime someone speaks with nuance, sarcasm or god forbid humorous intent. Thanks for taking a stand on this issue. I check your site everyday for new content and was surprised to see you weigh in on Clarkson and the BBC. Sadly I don't see the BBC growing a pair anytime soon which means they're likely gathering wood for the fire as we speak.
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