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  1. Canon seems to be protecting certain segments of their products from others. Microsoft did this to some extent by only selling the village idiot version of Office to Mac users. For years critics complained that MS was walking away from profits by protecting the old structure and not porting apps to iOS/OSX. As Balmer departed it seems they began to accept reality and restructured. There were tons of critics of the iPad claiming that Apple were risking canniballizing their desktops and laptops with such products. To some extent it is true that overall desktop sales have taken a hit, but it all
  2. The internet seems to create a gargantuan village of angry torch wielding, knuckle dragging buffoons anytime someone speaks with nuance, sarcasm or god forbid humorous intent. Thanks for taking a stand on this issue. I check your site everyday for new content and was surprised to see you weigh in on Clarkson and the BBC. Sadly I don't see the BBC growing a pair anytime soon which means they're likely gathering wood for the fire as we speak.
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