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  1. ​Oh God, YES, there truly are...  I haven't gotten a least bit confused, I would just like for you think of the larger powers at play before you start judging everything.  Well, in one of "Kramers" stand up shows he called a audience member a "N****"... SO... They are all perfect people.
  2. ​I used to visit this site everyday, just because I AM passionate about filmmaking... That does not mean I have to join the forum. Let's go create, it truly is a far better way to spend our time.
  3. ​How I random capitalize words comes from the fact that I'm Swedish, and English is my second language. So any complaints about my skills as a writer in english will be dismissed. To say that I don't know Clarkson personally and then by default - don't know anything about this subject - includes (I guess) every single one on this forum. So, If we are going to measure our right to speak up by that standard, we can all quit this right now. Please describe to me how those levels, and the difference between the changes made in them, are not the same thing. Well, if someone would criticize me by
  4. I had to create an account just to be able to comment on this because honestly, this is just wrong. And you closing the last thread about this subject proves that not only are you ignorant to the issues at play, you also refuse to listen to anyone trying to tell you otherwise. You can defend this humour as much as you want but if you think Seinfeld is good because it's only white male people in it, you are fucking out of your mind. If you think any of the issues with Clarkson is because of his loud mouth tv-persona, you are WRONG. And if you think it's wrong to regulate TV to get more women an
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